You ever think about how wheels tell a story? I have referenced it in previous blogs here. They move billions of things each and every day. It is quite literally the most useful invention in human history.

That was pretty heavy so I will lighten it up here.

The other day I was driving to my favorite place to eat and saw a moving truck in front of me. The license plate said Minnesota. I wondered how many movers Twin Cities had been to my state over the  years. Quite a few I imagine. Then I thought of not just the magic story the wheels could tell but what they carried.

Moving companies are either hired or you rent a truck and do the moving yourself. Each truck can just go a neighboring city or go 3000 miles to a completely different time zone.

All the while the contents of these trucks are carrying possessions that most certainly tell a story. To each his own of course. Some may see it as priceless items whereas others see useless junk.

You can also see how this change or move of things can affect so many things. An item in Florida will end up in a consignment shop in California. A single woman can meet her true love just by moving to a different city. Tragedy can occur too. The point is moving companies don’t get a lot of press but they are effectively changing history whether they know it or not and it is all because they have the means to carry heavy loads across many miles on wheels.

I hope after reading this you will appreciate moving trucks a little more. Next time you see one rambling down the highway just consider what is happening.

Every time I see one I smile.