I have talked a little about riding a bike in my previous post.  There is one thing that is by far the most magical about wheels is how it helps those who had to mobility before.


Of all the advancements that the wheels have brought along for mankind the wheelchair tops them all. Where once invalids and crippled people had no recourse or ability to move to one place to another, this invention has changed the course of history.

The faces of those you witness who find mobility again after so much heartache and boredom before. The can envision living again a life that is not much different than others.

They will never forget they can’t move like normal but that is really beside the point. What matters now if they want to go somewhere, they can.

I know a woman who as she aged she developed diabetes. Due to this condition she had to have a leg amputated. It was a real life changing ordeal for her as she now could not drive or get around like she used too.

Her grief was short however and she decided to take advantage of the tools available for her. She now has a chair and uses public transport to take her around. Sure she doesn’t have the ability to just get up and go like us normal folks can but she can still get places and it is because of her magical wheels.

I also think of the hundreds of military men and women who lost their legs in the recent war and what life must be like for them. With that same determination they used on the front lines they apply to domestic life and perform admirably in competitions all over with their magical wheels.

There is a downside to wheels however. Those who have lost their desire to live and rely on motorized wheels because they are unhealthy.

With every good thing there is the bad.

For me I believe the good outweighs the bad though. Where life used to be savage and unfair to cripples, they now can have a life again.

So when you go about your day on your set of wheels, be it car or bike, consider what the wheel has done for everyone.