There is a story of when I was young and living in the suburbs of Boston. As you can imagine the city was veru congested and you had to be sharp since you rode on the road with cars moving on your left and car doors opening on your right.

You would also knick a few side view mirrors as well.

On this particular day I was heading two towns over on my bike. About 15 miles. I was halfway there and was approaching a rotary. I have done this a thousand times and knew quite well how to yield into a rotary.

This time however I was crowded out by a big work van on my left. As he approaching the rotary he began to enter my small lane and gave me very little room. I reached out with my left hand to hold the van to stabilize myself and my right handlebar barely hit a mirror of a parked car but that little tiny hit threw me off balance and sent my careening toward the sidewalk.

As I attempted to compensate and to make matters worse I had the wrong hand on my front brake as opposed ot my rear brake, as I tried slowing down I came face to face with a telephone pole. I veered left but my momentum was still moving forward and in I went into the pole. I smacked the side of my face and arm and came crashing on the curb. My bike just by the force of energy went around the pole and onto the sidewalk.

It was a scary accident and one I learned from. I was fortunate to just have a few bumps and scrapes.

Keep your balance on those bikes. You never know where they may lead you.