Sure you read roundabout and thought of those circular roads where you navigate with several other cars to get to your destination. It is a novel invention really. What do you do when 5 or 6 roads converged at a single intersection?

But no this isn’t about roundabouts. It is about wheels that are round. The magic is where they take you.

I have taken quite a few trips around the world with my bike. Logged quite a few thousand miles in the process. I can tell you that it is the most magical way to see the world by far.

One particular journey was 30 days in England. About 14 days in I was North of London in a very rural area. I was taking in all the views and fields of green. I came upon one of those old rustic barns and had to take a few photos. (On a bike this is something you would miss buzzing around in car)

As I was taking a photo, to my utter delight, a beautiful white horse came around the corner and flashed his flowing mane in the sun. As if to say, “Who are you to take pictures of my home?”

It was one of those moments where you feel like you are on another plane. Another level of existence. A magical moment.

On another trip in Israel I was once visiting a church. During a break I made my way to a courtyard on my bike and heard this lovely woman singing a song. Turned out it was a recording a church played every Sunday through their speakers. But at that moment the weather was perfect, the music was beautiful and her voice could move mountains.

It was a magical roundabout encounter.

Thanks for reading and hope you stop by again.